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All Our Draws and Welcoming Simon Grayson

Simon GraysonHere are all the draws Huddersfield Town have had this season and who I reckon was probably more pleased with the result afterwards. Bear in mind I didn’t see any of these games with my own eyes (I live in Leamington, can’t afford a season ticket or train fares and don’t own a car), so I am relying on stats and match reports, which means this is all bullshit.

  1. Bury (H) 1-1 Conceded very soon after taking the lead – THEM.
  2. Rochdale (A) 2-2 Conceded last minute equaliser – THEM.
  3. Hartlepool (A) 0-0 Jordan Rhodes was on the bench until the 54th minute – THEM.
  4. Cardiff (A) 5-3 Conceded last minute equaliser, collapsed in extra-time – THEM.
  5. Oldham (A) 1-1 Conceded early, equalised soon after. Played last 15 minutes against 10 men – THEM.
  6. MK Dons (A) 1-1 Conceded midway through second half after leading. Played last 5 minutes against 10 men – THEM.
  7. Leyton Orient (H) 2-2 Had player sent off then immediately conceded two goals in last five minutes – THEM.
  8. Bradford (H) 2-2 Had to fight back *twice* against *Bradford* then lost on penalties – THEM.
  9. Scunthorpe (A) 2-2 Scored with four minutes to go to make it 2-1, then conceded two minutes later – THEM.
  10. Walsall (H) 1-1 Conceded 10 minutes after taking the lead midway through the second half – THEM.
  11. Sheff Wed (A) 4-4 Now *this* was a draw I’m happy with – US.
  12. Carlisle (H) 1-1 Conceded after 8 minutes, equalised before half-time then… Nothing – THEM.
  13. Notts County (A) 2-2 Conceded one 15 minutes after going 2-0 up and the equaliser with a few minutes to go – THEM.
  14. Tranmere (A) See Bury (H)
  15. MK Dons (H) See Walsall (H)
  16. Stevenage (A) See Notts County (A)
  17. Bury (A) 3-3 Went 3-0 up and fucked it up in the second half – THEM
  18. Rochdale (H) See Rochdale (A) – seriously, it’s almost exactly the same
  19. Colchester (A) 1-1 Last gasp Colchester own-goal salvages a point for Town. Smithies also saved a penalty – US

Now I know we are the all-conquering should-be-top-of-the-league Huddersfield Town, but surely there must be more than one match out of the sixteen we have drawn this season that we’ve gone home the happier team? No equalisers with a few minutes to go for us, except in that crazy Wednesday game. The fact that the last three draws have been virtual carbon copies of three previous draws we’ve had, should be telling our new manager… something.

Aaaand while we’re on the topic of our exciting new manager, I’d just like to link to these two websites:-

and tell you to pay extra special attention to the postscript on page four of the first site. If anyone reading this ever gets the opportunity, please could you ask Mr Grayson the following questions:-

  1. Were you beau one?
  2. Did you and Steve Walsh recreate a goal he scored at Wembley in a hotel room using a Ferrero Rocher, while our heroine sat on the bed reading?
  3. Did you make the beast with two backs with her in your car parked at Filbert Street and get told off by the club?
  4. Did you go for a ‘look round’ at AS Monaco while you were at Villa, and took Joanne along?

That’ll do for starters, but it was all such golden radio that there are many, many more questions…


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