Note: I’m going to write the following in that crazy third-person style you see on descriptions of speakers at conferences. May god have mercy on my mortal soul.

Dan Herd is a web developer currently residing in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire in the Midlands of England. He is married with no kids and two cats. He occasionally writes about football and has had one article published in When Saturday Comes magazine, which is available here.

As Huddersfield Town rather generously offered discounted season tickets last season, he decided to purchase one and tried make it to as many games as possible. He sat in the Direct Golf stand upper tier and spent most of the game taking the piss out of everyone and everything with his uncle. Vast swathes of matches were missed, but watching the game in progress is only a small part of going to the football – as any real fan will attest to.

This season, Dan is monitoring events from afar, listening to Paul Ogden and Kieran O’Regan’s exciteable commentary. He is ready, however, to dive into his green Corsa and join in the festivities and glory should it occur.

Away from football, Dan enjoys… …ha! You thought he’d lie and list a ton of other stuff here that he doesn’t actually do. Well he’s not going to. He likes watching football, writing about football, talking about football, thinking about football, playing football and fake-managing football teams. Football, football, football, football. Football.


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